Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 7, 2018

Today’s  newlearning was about creating videos and we video. During this process we learned about how to find clips that we could post for free and what would happen if we used other images. We learn how to add voice and her redo a video. One important lesson I learned is that when you’re recording a video you need to continue to look at the WebCam instead of looking around, it really looks awkward on Camera and I don’t realize how much I actually do this!! **Note to self!!!!
We played around with an Hour of Code. I think this was pretty interesting and I would like to do more of it in my classroom. However I need to build more of an understanding myself. This gave me the opportunity to do so. Believe it’s a little bit more difficult for adults to jump in and just do it because we get boggled with all the extra information. Kids don’t have that fear and think it something fun and are not afraid to learn.
The other thing that I’m excited about was I discovered what hashtags really meant today. So spent some time playing around with kindergarten hashtags. I think I could get lost finding videos and post from other kindergarten teachers. I feel like this is opened a whole new door for me. I’ve tried using Twitter A few different times and I  didn’t understand it. I think this is the key I have been looking for!  I am so excited!!!