Reflection EDGR 625

EDGR 625
Final reflection
My thinking is that using technology just to use it does not grow student learning.
We have to be intentional about anything that we do, technology included. In this course one of the
things that was so powerful was being given the time to actually research using a technology application
that I may not have known anything about.  Just being given to take time to explore it and then discuss
with someone else or ask questions was so powerful. I also value the time that I had to struggle myself
and see if I can figure things out. Learning becomes more real or concrete when I do it myself versus
somebody showing me first how to do something. When I am successful as learner and empowers me a
nd I want to dive deeper into material I’m learning about. Also after exploring some on my own it
helps me develop questions that I need answered or I need to find out about more about.

I felt that even though we were all in very different places we were all engaged in what we were
doing and then we came back together to discuss what we learned was so powerful It was very
collaborative and very hands-on. The discussion just added to what we had been working on
independently. I also never felt like I was wasting my time or anybody else’s. At the end of the day to
reflect on what I learned was very helpful and  I realized that I don’t do it enough with students.

I think one of the most powerful things in this class was having to videotape myself while I  did my
presentation. I am very open that this is something I struggle with. However when I went back and I
watched myself I didn’t look as nervous as when I felt inside. This was very eye-opening for me.
I feel very self-conscious when I am up speaking and that I might sound foolish. By watching the video
I discovered that I don’t seem too “stupid “ or don’t have anything to say. Even though that’s how I feel.
I tried to be objective as if someone else was presenting to me. This gave me a whole different lens to
view my presentation through.

I am very excited about everything I learned in this course! It has been very powerful for me!
I can’t wait to go back to my classroom and use this to help my students!!! I left this
class with the feeling, ”You Go Girl!!!”

August 9, 2018
Now I have added more voice, pictures and transitions.  I am also publishing this video all by myself.
I cannot believe the changes I have made in the last few days.  Aug. 8, 2018
Embedding a video, adding transitions, adding music and text.  Searching Google to solve my own problem!!!  My head is spinning with new learning and new technology!!!! I am going to try to attempt on putting my finished video here.  You will see if I succeed....

Aug. 7, 2018
Practice Video making

Today’s  new learning was about creating videos and we video. During this process we learned about how to find clips that we could post for free and what would happen if we used other images. We learn how to add voice and her redo a video. One important lesson I learned is that when you’re recording a video you need to continue to look at the WebCam instead of looking around, it really looks awkward on Camera and I don’t realize how much I actually do this!! **Note to self!!!!
We played around with an Hour of Code. I think this was pretty interesting and I would like to do more of it in my classroom. However I need to build more of an understanding myself. This gave me the opportunity to do so. Believe it’s a little bit more difficult for adults to jump in and just do it because we get boggled with all the extra information. Kids don’t have that fear and think it something fun and are not afraid to learn. 

The other thing that I’m excited about was I discovered what hashtags really meant today. So spent some time playing around with kindergarten hashtags. I think I could get lost finding videos and post from other kindergarten teachers. I feel like this is opened a whole new door for me. I’ve tried using Twitter A few different times and I  didn’t understand it. I think this is the key I have been looking for!  I am so excited!!!  

August 6, 2018
Today was the first day of class.  I am totally feeling a little mind boggled at the minute.  There are so many ideas swirling around in my head.  Not that this is a bad thing, however I need time to now sort through all of these different thoughts. It makes me feel a little like I have ADHD.

I want to work on my blog, I want to help students become digital learners.  I want to do another class project to get more iPads for my classroom and I want to search Seesaw to see about the portfolio program they have.

I also want to work on my project tonight.  I will visit other websites to see what other teachers have done.  I get very excited and I want to do it all now.  However I need to slow down and settle my thought.

I am excited to get busy, but I need some time to let my brain settle down.  Until later......

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